Reynolds - HP BS1450 110th R38 1632

vomessearmatareasaersessammavzc4 .907.0.0.....011111440 INIMONIPINOMI To the Rader. Hriaian Reader, when I was firfl perfwaded to communicate fome ofmy poore labours to the pub- like, my pui pole was to have ad- ded unto thole Treatifes which were extant before fo much of thefe which I now prefent unto thy view, as concerneth the Elogies of the Gofpell of Chrifi,the infirument ofbegetting thelifeof Chrili inun for little reafon had I confidering mine owne vveake- neffe,the frequent returnes of that fervice wherein thefe pieces weredelivered, and the groningof the preffe of lateunder writings ofthis nature, to trouble the world a fecond time with any more ofmy (lender provifions towards the worke ofthe San&uary, in this abundance which is on every fide brought in. But finding that worke grow up under minehand into a jufl volume, and conceiving that it might bee bothmore acceptable and ufefull tohandle a whole Scripture together(efpeci- ally being bothof fo noble a nature, and at firfi view of Co difficult a feat:, as this Pfalrne is) than to Tingle out tome vette and fragment by it felfe ; I therefore refol- ved once more toput in my Mite into the Treafurie of theTemple,wbich(though for noother reafon)mayyet I hope be for this caufe accepted,becaufe it beareth the Image and Infcription of Cbriii upon it. Some paffa- ges therein are inferted whichwere delivered in another A 3 order,