Reynolds - HP BS1450 110th R38 1632

84 VERSE I. c de Pouf. R,0174 Papall enlonarchie railed upon can bee railed. As firll, that the externall and vifible regiment of the whole Church is c Monarchicall, and that there mull be a predominant mifireffe Church let over all the mil, to which in all points they mull have rccourfe, and to wholedecifions they mull conforme without any hefitancie,or fufpition at all, whereas the Apolik teas us that theunityoftheChurch is gathered bymany Pailorsand Teachers,Eph.4.t1,12,13 .for as if feverall needles bee touched by fomany feverall Load_ hones (all which have the Idle-fame fpecificall venue in them) they doe all asexa&ly bend toone and the fame pointofheaven, as iftheyhadbeene thereunto qualified bybut one : fo in as much as Apoales, Prophets, Evan- gelifls, Paflors, Teachers, come all inflru6ed withone and the fame fpirituall truth and power towards the Church, therefore all the faithfull, who are any where by thefe multitudes of Preachers taught what thetruth is in Iefus, doe all by the ferret fway and condual of the lame Spirit of Grace ( whole peculiar office it is toguide hisChurch in all neceffary and faving truth) with an admirable confent of heart, and unitie of judgement incline to the fame end, and walke in the fame way, acknowledging no monarch over their confciences but CHRIST, nor any other minifleri- all application of his regall power in the Catholike Church, but onely by feverall Bithops and Paflours, who in their feverall particular compaffes areendowed with as plenary and ample minilleriall power, as the Pope and his Confiaorie within theSee of Rome. Se- condly,that Peterwas Prince andMonarch, Rockeand Head in this Vniverfall Church, and thathee alonewas curb: clavitem , and all this in thevertueofChrifis pro- mile andcommiffiongranted unto him. Thouart Peter, andupon this Rocke will I build my Church, feed my fbeepleedmy Lambs,unto thee will Igive the Keyesof the kingdome ofheaven: In.which refpea Bombes cal- leth Booth/Pi. 33. feff.r7. Pouf. e.10.