Reynolds - HP BS1450 110th R38 1632

inevidentprejumptions. but all paffe over with him to another place.Fifthly,that hee did tranfmit all his prerogatives to his fucceffors in that chaire. By which affertion they may as well prove that theyall (though fome ofthem have been forcerers, others murtherers , others blafphernous atheias) were inheritersof S. Peters love to Chri , for from thence our Savior inferresfeed my fheep,tonote that none feed his fheepe,but thofe that love hisperfon.Lafily,that that long fucceffion from S. Peter untill now bath ever fince been leg'll,and uninterrupted. Or dfe the Church mu t} fometimes have been a monad without a head. Wee grant that fome of the Ancients argue from fucceffion in the Church ; but it was while it was yet pure , and while they could by reafon of the little fpace of time betweene themand the Apofiles, with evidence refolve their Do6frine througheverymeditem into the preaching ofthe Apofiles themfelves. But even in their perfonall fucceffion who knoweth not what Simenies and Ser- ceries have raifed diversofthem unto that degree ? and who is able to refolve, that everyEpikopall ordination ofevery Bifhop there hath been valid, fince therunto is requifite both the intention and Orders ofthat Bifhop that ordained him. Thefe and a worldofthe like uncer- tainties mull the faithof thofe men dependupon, who darearrogate to themfelves theprerogatives ofChria, and ofhis Catholike Kingdorne. But I have been too long upon this argument. Againe this point of the fiabilitie ofChrias King- dome is a ground offirongconfidence & comfort to the whole Church ofChria , a gaina all theviolence ofany outward enemies wherwith fometimes they may feeme to bee fwallowed upon. Though they affociate them- (elves, and gird to the battle, though they take counfell, and makedecrees againfi theLords anointed andagainfl his fpoufe,yet it ('hall all come to nought,and bebroken in pieces, all the fmoake flail not bee able toex- tinguifh, Tertult depre. fcripr,,cap.19. zz. Aug. 165. de diffitho Vonatift.