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90 VERSE 1. The Stabilityofthe Church. tin,guifh , nor all the power of hell to overturne the Church ofGod and the reafon is , Immanuel, God is with us, Efai.8.9,1o. That anointing which theChurch bath received (ball deliver it at lafl from the yoke ofthe enemie, Epli.w.27. Though is keine for the time in as delperate a condition as a dry flick in the fire, or a dead body in thegrave, yet this is not indeed a fepulture, but a femination. Though it feeme to bee call away for a feafon , yet in due time it will come up and flourifh againe , Zechariah 3.2. etekiel37.1 t. And this is the affurance that the Church may have , that the Lord can fave and deliver afecond time, Efilidiar. that bee is thefame Godyeiterday and to day, andfor ever; and therfore fuch a God as the Church bath found him heretofore , filch a God it {hall finde him to day, and for ever,in the returnes and manifefiations ofhis mercy. Which difcovers the folly, and foretels the confufion of the enemies ofChrifis Kingdome , they conceive mif- chicle, but they bring forth nothing but vanity,kb i5. 35. They conceive chaffe, and bring forth flubble,Efai. 3 3.II . They imagine nothing but a vaine thing , their malice is but like the fighting ofbriars.and thornes with the fire, Efai.a7.4. Nahum i a°. like the dafhing of waves again{} a rock, like a mad mansfhooting,arrowes againfl theSunne , which at lafl returne upon hisowl= head ; like the puffing of the fanne againft the come, which driveth away nothing but the chaffe, like the beating achewinde againil the faile, or the foming and ragingofthe water againfl a mill, which by the wife- dome °idle artificers are all ordered unto ufefull and excellent ends. And furely when the Lord (ball have ae- complifhed his worke on mount Sion,when hee (hallby the adverfary, asby a fanne have purged away theini- quityofJacob, and taken away his fanne, hee willthen returne in peace and beauty unto his people againe. Lookeon thepreparationoffome large building , in one place