Reynolds - HP BS1450 110th R38 1632

gods Patience bathfixedbounds. 9 ; the Wicked is but as the fat ofLatnbes, and as the beau- YE R S E tyofgraffe ; that Godbath let them in flippery places, andwill caft them downe at the lail,Hab.2.1,3.Pja437. 2.Tc.:to. Pfa/. 73. t8. Lailly, to weave the faithfi4ll fromearthly affeaions, and to kindlein them thedefires oftheSaints under the altar, Flew long, 0 Lord,holyand true, doll thounot judge and avenge our &loudon them thatdwell on theeartb?Revel.6.1o. Secondly, as donec notes the Patience of Chrift to- wards his enemies, fo it notes likewife that there are peedbondsand limits unto that patience,beyond which he will no longer forbeare them. There is an appointed day, wherein bee willjudge the world with righteomfiseffe, A11.17. 3 T. There isa yeere ofvengeance, and of recom- pences for the controverfies of Sion, Efai. 34. 8. The windeaffe that fucketh up the windeat her pleafuremay be found in her moneth,Ier.i. 24. The Lord leech that theday ofthewicked is comming. It isanappointed time, though it tarry,yet ifwe vvaite for it,It will fitrely come, it will not tarry,Pfal. 7.13.11464.3 .Well then,letmen goe on with all the fierceneffe and exceffe of riot they vvill,let them walke in the way oftheir heart, and in the fight oftheir eyes, yet all this while they are in a chaine, they have but a compaffe to goe, andGod will bring them to judgement at the lafi. When the day of a Drunkard and riotous perfon is come,when he bath ta- ken fo many hellifh fwallowes, and hath filled up the meafure ofhis lufis, his marrowmai then lie downe in the duff, though the cup were at his mouth, yet from thence it (hall be fnatch'daway, and for everlafling hee 'ull never tafle adrop offweetneffe, nor have the .leaf} &fire ofhiswicked heart fatisfiedany more. .A wicked mans finnes will not follow him to hell to pleafe him, ut only the memory of them to bee an evertailing urge ' and flame uponhis confcience . 0 then take heedofripening finne,by ciallome,by fecurity,by