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VERSE I. Icier, 5.2, 1. t/Egyp lib Irani concavitate de- pr,filor, , e ta- menprxcepto creators tan. quamcompedi btm ceercetur ware Rubram ne int fgyptum irrumJ at. Bafil. Mag.Hexamer. Theprefint lntrtinquility them their bounds how farre they fhou!cl goe , there could bee no more power in the Church to withliand them , than in a leveil of land to refill an inundation of the Sea , Pfata 2i .1.5. Thirdly, to referve wicked men unto the great dayofhis appearing, andofthe declara- tion of his power and righteouftieffe , wherin all the world (hall bee the fpeaators and witneffes ofhis jut+ and viStorious proceedings againft them , Aa.t 7.3 Fourthly, toPhew forth his mighty power in defiroying thewicked all together. They who here carried them- felves with that infolence as if every particular man meant to have plucked Chria our of his throne , (hail thereall tog:ther bee brought forth before him. That as the righteous are refetved to have their full falvation together i Thef.4.17. fo the wicked may bee bound up inbundles, and&ill oied tocether, Pfal. 3 7.3 8. Efiii. 1.28. Fifthly, to fill up the meafure, and to ripen the finnes ofwicked men : for the Lord puts the wicked- neffe of men into anEpha, and when they have filled up their meafure,he then fealeth themup unto theexecu- tion ofhis righteous judgements. Andhence it is that the Scripture callethwickedmen ref& fittedfordefirtglion, for they fitil fill themfelveswith fin,and then God filleth them upwith wrath and thane. Sixthly, to fill up the number of his Ele&, for hee bath many fheepe which are not yet within his fold, and they many of them the poflerity ofwicked men, /ob.' o. t 6. Seventhly, to fill up the meafureofhis owns fufferings in his members, that they may follow himunto his kingdome through the fame wayofafflictions as hewent before them,CoI. T. 24. `Actrel.6.1 T . Eighthly, toexercife the faith ofhis Church,to drive the faithfull with the Prophet 1444kask into their watch-tower, and with David into the San- 6uaryofthe Lord,thereto waite upon him in the way of his judgements, to confider that the endofthe righ- teous man is peace, and that the pride and profperityof the