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s96 VE R S E 1. EX0d.9.11)23. Hor.7.T314, Erai.9.13. Amos 405,8,9, 10,11. TheOb7inacie ofSinne. man could bee refcuedout of hell it felfe, and brought backe into the poffibilities ofmercie yet would he in a fecond life flie out againti God, and while he had time take his fill of lulls againe. We fee Clay will but grow harder by the fire, and that metal! which melted in the Fornace, being taken thence will return to its wonted folidity. WhenPharaoh faw that the raine,and the haile, and the thunderswere ceafed, ( though in the timeofthem he was like meltedmetall, and did acknow- ledge the righteoufnefle of Godandhis owne finne, and make flrong promifes that Ifrael fhould goc) yet then he finned more, and hardenedhis heart, he and his fer- yams, and would not let the children ofIfrael goe. Doe wee not fee men fometimes call on a bed of fickeneffe, brought to the verybrinke of hell, and to the finell of that fulphurie lake, when byGods wonderfull patience they ate fnatch'd like abrand outof the fire, and have recover'd a little flrength to provoke the Lord againe, when they fhould now fet themfelves to make good thofe hypocritical! refolutions of amendement of life, wherewith in their extremity they flattered God, and deceived themfelves, faddenly breake forth into more filthineffe thanbefore, as iltheymeant now to be reven- ged ofGod, and to fetchbacke that time which ficke- neffe tooke from themby anextremityof finning, as if theyhad made a Covenant with hell todoe it more fir- vice, ifthey might then be (pared ? All the favours and methods which God ufeth are not enough to bringwic- ked men home unto him oftheirowne veils. Though redeemed them, faith the Lord, et have they fpoken !yet againil me,they have notcryeduntome with theirheart, when they howledupon their bed:. The people turnethnot unto him thatfmiteth them,seitber doe theyPeek. theLord ef. half. Somany judgements did the Lord fend upon read in the necke ofone another,andyet flill the burden ofthe Prophet is,ret haveysinatreturnedanteme,faith the