Reynolds - HP BS1450 110th R38 1632

The Obifinale of Sinne. the Lord. Damme up the paffageofa river, andufe all theArt that may be to over-rule it, yet you can never carry it backward in its owne channell; you may cut it out intoother courfes and diverticles, but no Art can drive it unto a contrary motion, and make it retire into its owne fountaine : So though wicked men may haply bydivers reafons which their Inas will admit,be fo farre wrought uponas to change their courfes, yerit is impof- fible to change themfelves, or,cp turtle themquite out of their owne way into the wayOT-Chriff. There is but a blvium in the world, a way of life, and a way ofdeath, and the Lord in the Miniflery ofthe Wordgives us our option, I havefet beforeyou this day life anddeath, blefi: andcmrfing, andbee that beleevethAoll beloved, bee that beleeveth notAdbe damned. To the former he in- vites, befeecheth,enticeth us with promifes,withoathes, with engagements, with preventionofany juil obje&i- on which might bemade; We ketchyou, faith the Apo- Cbrat 'lead thatyen be reconciledunto God.From theother he deterres us by forewarningus ofthe wrath to come, andof the period which deathwill put to our lulls with our lives. And as Tertsdlian once fpake ofthe Oath of God , may I of his entreaties, and threat- zings. 0 bleffd men whom the Lordhimfelfe is plea- fed to follicite and entice unto happineffe,but,0mifera- ble men theywho will not beleevenor accept of Gods owneentreaties : Andyet thus miferable are we all by nature. There is inmen fo much atheifme, infidelity and diaruft of Gods Word, fo clofe an adherencie of kat of him by themfelves as if he tooke no notice oftheir wayes. It is not therefore without jai caufe that God fo often threatneth to remember all the linnes ofwicked men, Dear.19.i9. unto the foule, that it rather choofeth to runne the haz- zard, and to goe tohell entire, than togoe haltand mai- med Unto heaven; yea, to make God a liar, to bleffe themfelves in their finnes, when he curfeth, and to judge 97 VER $ 8 I.