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godimmediatlypurn es thevicked *.m..... m day fhall be this, that men fball fall irnmediatly into the hands of god himfelfe, who hath faid, Vengeance belon- geth unto me, and,' recompence,Heb.10.30,3 T. And therefore the Apoffle ufeth this expofiulation again(} Idolaters,Doe we provokethe Lord to jeloafie? e4re we *anger than he? r Cor. I 0.22. Dare we meete theLord in his fury, doe we provoke him to powreout ("Y./ibis wrath? Pfal.78.38: He will at ha fir up all his wrath againfi the veffels that are fitted for it. And for that caufc he will punifil them himfelfe. For there is noCrea- ture able to bring all Gods wrathunto another, there is noveffell able to hold all Gods difp!eafure. The Apo file telleth us that wee have to doe with God in his Word, Heb.4. i 3. but herein he ufeth the minifiery of vveake men, fo that his Majefly is cover'd, and wicked men have a veile upon their hearts, that they cannot fee God in his Word. When thy bandis liftedup, namely in the threatnings andpredi6ions ofwrath out ofthe word, they will not fee : for it is a worke of faith to receive the wordas Gods word, and thereinbefore-hand to fee his power, and to hearehis rod, Mic.6.9. Other men belyethe Lord,andlayit is not he. But though they will not acknowledge that they have todoe with God inhis word, though they will not fee when his hand is lifted up in the preparations of his wrath, yet they null fee and know that they have to doe with him in his judge- ments, whenhis hand falleth down againe in the exe- cution of his wrath. So the Lord expoltulateth with them,Ezek. 22.14. Canthineheart endure or thine hands beefirong in the Jaye: that I /halldealt with thee ? The Prophet Efay refolves that quetlion, The flatters in Sion are afraid, fearefalneIre bath furprifed the hypocrites, (namely a fearefull looking for ofjudgement and fiery indignation, as the Apofile fpeakes,Heb.xo. 27.) Who among to Mall dwell with the devouring fire, who amongft ui ,fall dwell with everlaffing buntings? H z Efai, 99 VERSE I.