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100 The vickedfhallbepuniAed VERSE!. Levir.z6.t 5. lid I us. Pfal. Efai.6 s .3. wwsseowww awmarowre. geftwom....ivansaea Efai. 33. 14. that is, in the words of another Pro- phet, Who not flood before his indignation? and who Canabide in the fiercenefe ofhis anger, Hisfury is powred out l:kefire, and the rockes are thrown, dome by him, Nahum 1,6. Confirmations of this point we may take from thek confiderations Firfl, the quarrell with (inners is Gods owne,the controverfiehis owne,the injuriesand indigni- ties have beenedone tohimfelfe andhis owne fonne, the challenges have beene fent unto himfelfe and his owne Spirit : And therefore nomarvel' if hee take the matter intohis owne hands and the quarrell fo immediatly re- fletiing upon him, if he be provoked to revenge it by hisowne immediate power.. Secondly, revenge is his royalty and peculiar prero- gative, Dext. 3 2.35.41. from whence the Apotile in- ferres, That it is a fearefull thing tofallinto the hands of the living God, Hebdo.3(2,3 r . And there are thefe ar- guments of fearefulnefie in it; Fill, it (hall be in Judge- moowithout mercy, Iam.2.13. there (hall be no mixture ofany fweetneffe in the cupofGods difpleafure, but all poifon and bitterneffe ; there (hall nor beeaffoorded a dropofwater to a lakeoffire, a minute ofeafe to aneter- nity of torment. Secondly, it fhall be in fury without camphor): In humane judgements where the lawofthe (latewill not fuller a judge to acquit orfhew mercy, yet the law ofnature will force him to cCipallionate &grieve for the malefa&or whomhemull condemni.There is no Judge fo fenfeleffe ofanthers miferie, nor fodeflitutc of humaneaffeaions as topronouncea fentence of con- demnation with laughter..But the Lordwill condemne his enemies in vengeance without any pittie. 1 wig laughfaith the Lord, atyourcalamity,I willmockewhen yourfears commeth,Prov.I.26. Thirdly, it (hall bee in revengeandrecompence, in rewardandproportion, that is, in a full and everlaffing detetation ofwicked men, the