Reynolds - HP BS1450 110th R38 1632

ods immediate pones. ..............r.,111111141 up the wicked as (heaves or faggots for the fire. Afatth. 13.30. 24. 31. But yet Rill the Lord interpofeth his ownepower. As a Schoolemafler fetteth one fcholar to bring forth another unto punifhment, but then hee layette on the firipes himfelfe. But why is it laid that theFather fhal put Chrills ene- mies under hisfeet?dothnot Chrifi himfelfe do it as well as the Father ? yes doubtleffc. God bath given the Swine authority to execute Isedgement alfe , and put into his hands a rod ofiron, to dafh hisenemies to peeces like a potters veffell ; for what/never things thefather doth, theft.alto doth thelonne loh.5 .19. 27. Ppd. 1.9. But wearc tonote that the fubjeaingofChrias enemies under his feete is awokeof divine power. And therefore though it be attributed to Chrifl as anOfficer, yet it be- longeth to the Father, as theFountainof alldivineope- rations. SoGod is laid to have fet forth his Sonne as a propitiation,Rom.3.25 . and yet the Sonnecame downe and manifeffed himfelfe, Phil. 2. 7,8. Neb. 9. 26. The Fatherisfaid tohave railed him from the dead, Aa.2.32 7ons.6.4.and yetthe Sonne raifed himfelfe by his owne povver,/ohti 10, 18. the Father is laid to have let Chrift at his owneright hand inheavenly places, Ephe/t. 20. andChrill is laid to have fate downe himfelfe on the right handoftheMajcflie onhigh,HAL3.10.12. The Father is laid togive the holy Gholl, /ob.' 4.16. and yet the Sonnepromifeth to fend himhimfelfe, lob. t6.7. fo here, though the Sonne have receivedpower fufficient tofubdueall his enemiesunder his feere (for he isable to fubdue all things untohimfelfe, Phi1.3.2 i .) yet the Fa- ther toPhew hishatredagainfl the enemiesofChrifl,and hiscontent to the vi6ories ofhis Son, will likewife fub- dueall things unto him, I Cora5.27,28. 0 then that menwouldbe by the rerrour oftheLord perfvvaded to fly from the wrath to come,toconfider the weight ofGods heavie hand, and when they fee fuck a H 4 Ronne 103 V1RUI.