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102 VERSE Mat.16.37. Luk.zz 44. Ioha 2,37. Mark.' 4.33,34. Thevickedjhallbepunifiedby . which wrung from them that hideous cry,Are that come to torment labefore the timekahetch.8.29. Latily, confider the heavinefleof Chrifis owne foule, his agonie and fenfe of the curie due unto our finne whenhe was in the garden, the trouble, aflonifhment, and extreme anguifh ofhisfoule, which wrought out of his facred body that woeful( and wonderful! (wear. Whence came it all ? wee reade never of anydivels let look to torment him, they were ever tormented at his pretence. We reade ofno other Angels that had cow- miffion to afflia him, we reade of an Angtll which was fent to tirengthen hitn, LRk!22.43. There is no reafon to thinke that the feare of a bodily death, which was the onely thing that men could inflia upon him, was that whichfqueezed out thole dropsof biotic!, and extorted thole bitter and thong cries fromhim. There were not in his innocent foule, in his atoll pure and facred body any feeds or principles of fuch tormentingdifiempers ; his compaflion towards the mifery offinners, his know- ledge of the guilt and curfedneffe offinne, was as great at other times as now : What then could it elfe be, but the weight ofhis Fathers juRice , the conflia with his Fathers wrathagainfl the fumes ofmen,which wrought fuch extremity of heavineire in his !mile ? And hee was our furetie, he flood inour flead, that which was done to the greene tree, fhould much more have beenedone to the dry; IfGod layd uponhim the firokes which were due unto our finne, how much more heavie !hall his handbe upon thole whom he throughlyhateth ? But (hall not the Angels then be executioners of the kntence ofGodswrath upon wickedmen? I anfvvere, The Angels alai have their krvice in the commingofthe Lord. Firfl, 4i Ithiendalfth to flew forth the majeflie and gloryof Cheat to the world, z Thal.' .7. Matt& 24.31. Secondly, as executioner: of bi:will, which is togather together theElea and the reprobate, tobinde up