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arifts enemies hisfoot-Jloole. Ii7 MNimmEN11, 1111.1111 perience knoweth the confequence and neceffity of it. VER S R r. And therefore he is Paid to beafflieled in all the Efay.63.9. Oftt of his people; and the Apoille tels us that the affli- erions of the Saints fill up the remainders, or that which isbehinde, ofthe fufferings ofChrifi ; for as the Church iscalled thefidneffe of Cbrift, whoyet ofhimfelfe is fo full, as that he filleth all in all (neither doth the Church ferve to fupply his defeats, but tomagnifie his mercy ) fo the Churches fufferings are efteemed the fulnef1 of thefufferings of Chrift, although his were ofthemfelves fo full before, as that they had a confummatsm efi to feale up both their meafure and their merit; and there- fore our fufferings are called his, not by way of additi- on, or improvement unto thole, but by way of honour and dignitie untous, they filew Chrifis companion to. wards us, andour union and conformitie to him, but no way eitherany defe6t ofvenue in his, or any value of merit in ours, orany ecclefianicall treafure, or redundan- ck outofa mixture ofboth, veryprofitable they are for the edificationofthe Church, but very bareandunwor- thy for the expiationof finne : very profitable for the comfort of men, but very unprofitable to the juffice of God. So then,though Chrifi reit from fuffering in him- kik, yet not in his Saints; though the Serpent cannot come to the head, yet it is bruizingof his laeele.Here then the Apofiles inference is good, there remaineth therefore reit unto the people of God, and that fuch a glorious reft as muff arife out of the ruine oftheir ene- mies, when the wicked perifh they (hall fee it and re- joyce, and (hall wafh their feet in the bloud oftheir ad- verfaries.The revenge ofGodagainahis enemies is fuch, as than bringancafe with it: nth, faith the Lord, I will cafe meofmine adverfaries,/willAvenge me of-mine cne- Efay 65.13. MiCS, Efaj i.24.This is the comfort which the Lord gi- Efay 66.5. veth his people, that they be full when their ene- mies (hall be hungry, and that he will appeare to their 13 joy,