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u8 VERSE I. a Thera .64. Pet 4.13. COr.6.2,3. alex. ab alex. cap.6. 2Qfin. Rom.L10.6.29. Chrifis enemies hisfoot-floole. joy, when their enemies null be aflaamed. This mull teachwickedmen to take heed ofperfecu- ting the membersof Chrill, for they therein are profef- fed enemies to him whom yet they would fame to vvor- fhip. This is certain, that all the counfels and refoluti- ons which are made againfi the fubjeas or lawes of Chriffs kingdome, are but vain, imaginations which (hall never be executed ; Hewill at Ian avenge thequar- tell of his people,and in fpight ofall thepower ormalice ofhell,make them to fit41444 inheavenlyplaceswith him, whom hebath virmally and reprefentatively car- ried thither aireadie. And it fhould comfort the faith- full inall their fufferings forChriilsfake : Becaufe here- by they arefira,Conformable unto him : Secondly, they are Apciates with him : Thirdly, they are affured that they are in a way to refl : for, faith the Apoffle, it is juit withGod to recompence tribulation to them that trou- bleyou , and toyonwho ore troubled reft, when the Lord !elmJbaberevealedfromheaven. And inafmuch, faith SaintPeter, as you are partakers of Chrifis fufferings, whenhis glory (hall be revealed, yelhaR begladalto with exceeding joy And this joy (]hall be fo much the grea- ter, becaufe it {hall grow out ofthe everla fling fubje6ti- on of the enernie under Chrifis feet, and thofc whom here theypertainedand detpifed,fhll there with Chriff be their Judges. Secondly, as it noteth theRea; fo likewife the Tri- umph ofChriii, whenhe (hall fee his feet on the necke ofhis enemies. The Apofile faith, that he triumphedo- ver them in his Crop, Coll: 2. 1 5. And thereare two words which have an allufion unto the formesof tri- umph, Expoilation and Publication, or reprefentation of the pompeunto the world ofthe faithfull. He pi- ledprincipalitiesandpowers,thatis,He tooke from them all their armour wherein they united, and dividedthe Plies, bake 11.22. The armourofSatan was princi- pally