Reynolds - HP BS1450 110th R38 1632

I 120 VER SE I., Chris enemies hisloot-floole. ..... */,*. readie led captive® Aid indeedwhat triumph ofany the moil glorious Conquerour was ever honoured with the openingof graves, the refurreaion ofthe dead,the con- verfionofenemes, the acclamation ofmute and inani- mate creatures,the darkneffeofthe Sunne,thc trembling I of the earth, the compalTion ofthe rockes, the amaze- ment oftheworld ,the admiration ofthe Angels ofhea- ven, but onely this triumph of Chriii upon the Croffe ? And ifhedid fo triumph there, howmuch more at the right hand of the Majeflie on high,wherehe is crowned with glory andhonour ; and at that great day, which is therefore called the Dayofthe Lord Iefus, becaufe bee will therein confummate his triumph over all hisene- mies, when hee fhall come with the attendance ofAn- gels, in a chariot of fire,with all the unbeleevers ofthc world boundbefore his Throne,and with the clamour, applaufe, and admiration of all the Saints. And this is a plentiful! ground ofcornfort to the faith- full inall their conflicts with Satan, finne, temptations, or corruptions,theyfight under his proteaion,and with his Spirit who huh himfelfe already triumphed, who accounteth our temptations his, andhis viaoriesours ; who turned the foreil perplexities which the worldThal ever fee, into a cloarineoScomfort unto hisDifciples, bike 21.25-28. When ever then we are affaulted with any heavie temptation to difcomforts, fainting, wearineffe, defpaire, finfull conformities or th like; let us not toffe over our owne Rote, nor depend upon any iirength or principles ofour owne, but lookeonely by faith unto thevi&oriesof Chria, and to this great pro- mile which is here made unto him, as Head andCap- tain ofthe Church, by whomwee fhall be able to doe all things, and though,wee were furrounded with ene- .mies,tocfcape, as he did, thorowthe midfl of them all. Wee know the Cats mums magmon, in the fable, was moreworth thantheFoxes thoufand fhifcs,notwithfian. ding