Reynolds - HP BS1450 110th R38 1632

aryls enemies hufoot-floole. .....111110,000.1.111111 pally the hand-writing of the Lawwhich was againft us, or contraryunto us, fo longas wee were under the full force,and rigour of that,fo long we were under the poffeffion and tyrannyofSatan ; but when Chrift nai- led that untothe Croffc, and tooke it out of the way, then all the other panoply of Satan was cafily taken fromhim : he was then fpoiledof all his weaponsand provifions of tuft, for the world, and therewithall the things which are in theworld, were unto us crucified in the Croffe ofChrift; fo that now byfaith in him wee areable to overcome the world, tovalue it aright, to eat:erne thepromifes thereof thinne and empty,and the threatningsthereofvain and falfe ; the treafures there- ofbaler than the very reproches ofChrift, and the af- flietions thereof not worthy tobee compared with the glory which Ball bee revealed in us, as being in their meafure but light, and but momentary in their durati- on. The powerand wifdomeof Satan was likewife in the Croffeof Chia moft notably befooledand difap_ pointed ; for whenhee thought that heehad now fwal- lowedup Chrift, bee found a hookeunderthat bait, he found that which neitherhimfelfe, nor anyof his inflru- ments could have fufpe6ed, that Chrift crucifiedwas indeed thewifdome of God, and the power of God, and that through death hee chafe to deflroy himwho had the power ofdeath, I Cor.r.24.He6.2.14. Againe, he madea fhew,orpubl:ke reprefentationoft his hisviao- ry, andof thefe his fpoilesopenly unto the world. As the Croffe washis triumphall chariot, fo was it likewife fermiumpomp,the pageant,as it were, and table ofhis fpoiles, for though to a carnall eye there was nothing but ignominy anddifbonour in it, yet to thofe that are called, there is aneyeof faith given to fee in the Croffe of Chrift Hell difappointed, Satan confounded,his dome demolifhed, the earthlymembersof the old man crucified, affeaions andTufts abated, andcaptivity al- I 4 readie IT 9 VERSE I. OINNIMImawrampliramaia.alltlei Ga1.6.14. Iohn 5.4, 5. Heba t.z6. Rom.8.i8. 2 Cora7.