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°r ills enemies bufoot-Boole. IIII MAINSININelyMIN 10. 'u techoften to fit punifhments to thequality and ineafure ofthe finnescommitted. Hee that on the earth denied a crumbofbread,in hell was denied a dropofwater. Man who being in honor would needs affea to bee as God, was thereby debafed to become like the beads that pe- rifh.Nadaband Abiho offered firange fire andperifhed by arange fire from the Lord. a Sodome and Gomorra ' burnt in unnaturall lulls , and they were drowned in an unnaturall tempeff offire. b That Apofiate in S.Cyprian, who opened his mouth againfl Chrifi in blafphemie, was immediatly fmitten with dumbneffe that he could not open it unto Chrifi for mercy.cEntropiro the Eunuch when hee perfwaded the Emperor to take frommale- faaors the benefit of refuge at the Altars therein prevent his owne tnercy,andbeg away the ivantageof an efcape from himfelfe, the priviledge whetof bee did afterwards in vaine lay hold on. And thus will Chriff deale with his enemies at the lafi day. Here they trample upon Chriff , in his word, in his wayes , in his members. Theymake the Saints El bow downe for them to goe over, and make them as the pavements on the ground. They tread under foote theblond ofthe cove- nant, and the Sanauary ofthe Lord, and put Chrifi to fhame here : and there their owne meafure fhall bee re- turned into their ownebofome, they fhall bee confirai- ned to confeffe as Adonibezek, ae. I have done , foGod bath requitedmee. Yea, this they fhall fiffer from the meanefl ofChriffs members , whom they here infulted over. They fhall then as witneffes,and as it were co-af- feffors with Chrifi, judge the verywicked Angels, and treadihem under their feet. They'halt take them captives whore captives they were, and pa role over their op.:. prefers. Allthey that defpifed themfhallbow them/elves at the fetesoftheirfeete. They whogathered thernfilves 0,0,0Sion, andfaid, let her bee defiled, andkt our eye fee it : gall themfelves bee gatheredas 'heaves into the _pore , 125 VERSE I. a :T$p wAtialtas 71°i7r tipsy' WAAL. Toe: Cl.nyfoft. Hom.zo, adpop. 4ntioch. b Indepiena cee pit undecxpit pyian. de Lapfir. c Socrat.Hillor. lib.6.cap.g. Sevin. lib 8. cap.7: dEfai5r.23. Heboo.29, Efai.63.18. Revel.n.2. Heb.6.6. Iudg.r .7. Cor.6.2,3. Rom.16.zo. Efai I4.z. Mic. 4.11,12,13.