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t;o Chrifts Aegalities. VERSE 2. belong to his owne facred breaff. And fo Chtia faith 10h.5.22,27. of himfelFe, The Father loathcommitted all judgement unto the Sonne, and bath given himauthority to execute judgement. Againe, Yru vita &necii. Apower topar- don condemned perfons, anddeliver them from the ter- rout of the Lawes fentence, is a tranfcendent mercie, a gemme which can Thineonly from the diadems ofPrin- ces. NOW unto Chria likevvife belongeth in his Church a power to forgive finnes, it is themop} facred roialtyof this prince of peace, not only to fufpend, but for ever to revoke, andas it were,annihilate the fentence ofrnaile- diaionunder which every man is borne. Thereare like- wifeOrnaments Regia, regal! Ornaments, a Crowne,a z King.ii.12. Throne,a Scepter,and the like. Thus we finde theRo.: King.r0.18. manes were wont to fend to thole forraine kings with Liv.tib. 30. whom theywere in league, as teflimoniesand confirma- 7'acit.Ann.t4. tions oftheir dignity, Jcipionemeburneum,togamplasm, DionyfHallicar. !dam curia/cm, an ivorie fcepter, a roiall robe, and a /16.3. chaire of flare. And the like honours wee finde in the Hcb.2.9. Scriptures belonging unto Chriff, that hee was crowned withglory andhonour, and that bee had a Throne and Pra1.45,6,5. righteous fcepter belonging to his kingdome. Thus we have feene in feverall particulars how Chria hath his Royalties belonging to his kingdome. Some principall ofthemwe finde in this place; A throne, a fcepter, am- bafadours, armies for the right difpenfingof his facred power. We will fira confider the words, and then raife filchobfervations as (hall offer themfelvesr Pirfl,what is meant by the Rodof ChrifliStrength,or his Strong .kod ?It notes a thing which a manmay leane upon, or lay the whole weight of his body on in his infignemajefla. wearinefie. But beingfpokenof Chrifis kingdome wee t isrezia.uieron. take it for a fcepter or rod ofmajeflie. I will not hold you with thevariety of acceptions iu Expofitors. Some Theodora. take it for the branch that grovveth out of that roote of arnobius. Atig.e7Prof:fr. Jejfe. Some for the wood of the croffe. Some for the body .111P6041001.1.1,10