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arias legalities. Oes.rwo 111 vsossftsersoot.... SaMraissammg to comeempty handed,but tobring Teflimoniesoftheir reverence, and willing fubjeolion unto that worfhip. When Abraham met Melcbifedek, a figure ofChria, as from him hee received a bleffing, fo unto him hee gave an expreffion of a loyall heart, the tenth of the rpoiles. When the people of Ifrael entred into the land ofCanaan (whichwas a type of Chats Church which he fhould conquer unto hiinfelfe) if any peopleaccepted of the peace which they were firti to proclaime, they were tobecome tributariesand fervantsunto Ifiael. So it is faid ofSosionaon (whofepeaceable kingdome was a type of Chrias after hismanyviaories)that he a levied a tribute efbend-ferviceupon all the nationsabout Ifrael; and b that thole princes withwhom he held correfpon- dence brought unto him prefents, as teaimonies of his greatnefle and wifedome. So c when the wife men, (the full fruits of the Gentiles, after Chria exhibited) came to fubmir unto his kingdome, they opened their treasure andprefented him with gifts, gold, fiankincerife and myrrh. Againe, cAtenetarum leges c valores, the authorizingand valuations ofpublike coines belong un- to the prince onely, it is his image and infcription alone which maketh themcurrant. Evenfo unto Chrifl onely doth belong thepower of limping and creating as it were new ordinances in his Church, nothing is with God, nor fhouldbecurrant with us which hathnot his image or evreffe authority upon it. Neither can any man falfify o corrupt any conflitution of his without notable contempt againfl his royall prerogative. Againeludiciantorpeteila judiciaria, a power of jud- ging the perfonsandcaufes ofmen is a peculiar royalty, the adminifiration whereof is from the prince as the fountaine of all humane equine (under God) depofited in the hands of inferiour officers, who are as it were the mouthofthe prince to publifh the lawes, and to exe- cute thole aas of juffice and peace, which principally K belong 129 711777T. Deut.zoar. a z King.4.2 r. b z King9.2,r. 10.10. c Matth.z tr. TrimitheGen- tiumfacramen- taliamunera priferuntde the- fat!ris, en. Cy- prtan.lermde fle11.0- .21agis Brifon. DeVg. Perfarum.1.1.a6.