Reynolds - HP BS1450 110th R38 1632

140 VEKSE2. a Heb.r.8. b z Cot.. 5 49. cEph.r.t3. d Kom.8.z,3. e zCor. fEfai.61. gGaL;.i4. h Pfal.z.9. Rom.8.3. The cP.. aver of thegoffiell. couragementsofthe world , to bee let up for fignes and wondersfor veryproverbs ofskorne,andobjeots ofha- tred to tholeoftheir owne houfe;to receive perfecutions as rewards,andentertaine them not withpatience onely but with thankfulneffe and rejoicing; tobee all their life long in the miciaofenemies , put to tedious conflias with the powers ofthe world and ofdarkneffe ; to be- leeve things which they have not feen, and tohope for things which they doe not know; and yet maugre all this to refufe to confult with flefb and blood, to fland HImore in aweofGods word,thanofany other thing: certainly that which with the voice of a weake man bringeth fuchgreat things to paffe,mufl needs bee rirga virtutit,4 Rodoffiren-th. A Rod like the Rodofiilofis which can lead us through fuch feas as thefe, to one whomwec have never feennor knowen before , 55.5 Secondly, the Gofpell ofChrill is a Rodoffirength in the juflification ofmen, as it is Sceptrum letflitia,a a Scep- ter of Righteoufneffe , a b word ofreconciliation , c a Gofpell of falvation , a a Law of theSpirit oflife , c a minithation of the Spirit, °file, andofRighteoufneffe, an fopening ofprifons and a proclaimingofliberty unto captives, in thefe refpeets likewife it is full of power. There was amighty power in the LadyaGod typified in thole thundringsand terrors with which it was admi-- flatted uponmountSina;theApoftlecalleth it a g School- ninger to Icourge and drive us unto Chrifl , and the Pfalmili an h iron Rod able to break in pieces all the potiberds ofthe earth. And weknow boles in aSchoole doenot apprehend fo much terrorin the King as in their Mailer. Yet in comparifonofthe Powerofthe Gofpell, the Law it felfe was very i weake and unprofitable , able tomake nothingperfeol. The Power of the Law was only todefiruaton, the Power ofthe Gofpell for edi- fication. The Lawcould onelyhold under him that was downe