Reynolds - HP BS1450 110th R38 1632

TheTmer oftheWell. 111 that yeeskipped like. Rons,andyee littlehilshk_e Lonbes? It is an expreilionofGods power towardshis people in their triumphal] entrance into the Land ofCanaar. Wee may apply it to the compel+ and poffeffion which the word takesofthe conies ofmen. What ailed a man that heewas driven back from his owne channel, and made fuddenly to forget his wonted courfe ? what ailed thofe thong and mountainous lulls, which were as immovea- bly fetled upon the foule as ahill uponhis bate, to fly away at the voice ofa man like a frighted fheepe ? what ailed thofe fmailer corruptions and intemperincies , which haply had before loft their names , and were rather cuftomes,and infirmities, than finnes,to file away like lambes from the word of Chrifl ? Aman went into the Churchwith a hill tide and flreame of lulls , every thicket in his heart, every reafoning and imagination of his foule did before flicker whole flocks of evill affe- aions o when hee came out the tide was driven back, the itrearne turned , the center ofhis heart altered , his forrefl difcovered,his lulls fcattered and fubdued. What ailes this man? Hee bath but heard an houresdifcourfe, the fame which others heare and their tide rifeth the higher by it. Certainly thefe Devils were not cali out, thefe theames were not turned back but by the finger of God himfelfe. When the minifler ofChria (ball whifper in the cars ofa dead man, whom no thunder could have awakened , and het (hall immediatly rife up and give glory to God,when Chrifl {hall call men todenic them- (elves, toget above themfelves, to hate Father and Mo- ther, and Wife and Children, and their owne life, to fell all that they have,tocrucifie,and be cruell to their owne members , to pullout their right eyes , to cut off their right hands, to part from thofe finnes which before they efleemed their choicefl ornaments , and from thofe too which before they made theirchiefefl fupport and fubli- flence; to [land at defiance with the allurements or dif4 courage- 1;9 VERSE 2. Aa.17.3 1;34.