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ThePover ofthe g°pd. oammon that that word which is the Infirument of fo unperi fh- able a condition, is indeed Arks virtntis a Rod of firength,a Rodcut outofthe tree oflife it felfe ? Fifthly , the Gofpell of Chrifl is a Rod offirevth in comforting andfiepportingof thefaithful!, as it is I'irgd 1;40(3rue:dons colligationis a Rod ofBeauty and of Binding, as it is a word which doth binde that which was broken, and give onto themwhich mourne in Sion beauty for allies, and thegarment ofpraife for the Spirit ofheavineffe :as it quencheth all the firie darts, and an- fwereth all the bloudy reafonings of Satan againfl the foule,a s it is a tlaffe which givethcomfortondlebillence in the very vallie of the Madero ofdeath. The fhxdowof death is an u titanexpreili6 in the Scripture for all feares, terrors,affrightments, or any dreadfull calamitieseither offouleor body. The whole miler), ofour natural!con- dition is thereby fignified , 1.79. Manywayes doth the Prophet David fet forth the extremities hee had been drivenunto , my bones are vexed, and dried likea potiheard,and turned into the drought offummer ; my couch fvvimmeth with teares, mine eye is confirmed and waxen oldwith griefe. lampowred out like water , all my bones areout ofjoint, my heart is like melted wax in the midsofmy bowels. Thinearrowes flick fail in mee, thine hand preffethme fore,there is no foundneffe in my fiefli,my wounds flinkeand are corrupt,I am feeble and fore broken,l have roaredby reafonofthe difquietneffe ofmyheart. Innumerable evils cornpaffe meeabout, I amnotable to looke up. Fearfulnefle and trembling are comeuponme and horror huh aver.whelmed mee. My foule is among lions, I lie amongft them that are let on fire. The waters are come inunto my foule. I finite in deepemire;the floudsoverflow nice,&c. Thefe all,and the like arecomprehended in that one woed, TheAgdow ofdeath. And in that, it was onely the word , and the Spirit ofGodwhich did fupport him; This is as comfort in 143 VERSE 2. Pal, 1;51.50.92.