Reynolds - HP BS1450 110th R38 1632

144 V E S E 2. a Chron.3z.8. Math.4,4. I Tint4.S. Rorrar3.T4. I lob.2.16. TheTovver ofthe go ell. .N.A.No MIIMIM.IMAS/M1.0.6011111...0111 Vmemowsaar .0.1.1011141 in myaffisaiga, faith het,for thy word bath quickned mee. Whenmy affliAions had broughtme to the very brinke and darkneffe of the grave , thy word revived mee a- gaine, and made me flourifh. Vmleffe thy Lawbad been my delights, Amid have peri(bed in mine affliaion. Now then. when I fee a man upon whom fo many heavie prawn doe meete , the weight of finne, the weight ofGods heavie difpleafure , the weight ofa wounded Spirit, the weight of a decaled body, the weight of skorneand temptations fromSatan and the worlJ,in the mids ofall this not to turne untolying vani- ties, not to confult with flefh and blond, nor to rely on the wifedome or helps cfaun , but to leaveonlyon this word, tomill in it at all times , and to call all his expe- tiationsupon it , make it his onely Rod and flaffe to comfort him in fuch foreextremities, howcan I but con- feffe that this word is indeed Varga vinous, a Rod of firength ? Laftly , the Gofpell ofChrift is a Rod offirength in fanblifyingand bleffing dour remporall things. As it is BacHlese Panis , A (Jaffe of bread; Man liveth not 6y breadalone, but by the wordwhichproceedeth out ofGods mouth, not by the creature, butbv the Welling w hich prepareth the creature forour tile. 'Now it is the word ofGod, namely his promifes in Chrifi ofthings concer- ning this life as well as that which is to come, that doth fandifie the creaturesofGod to thdre who with thank- fulneffe receive them. The fall ofman brought a pollu- tion upon thecreatures,a curfe upon the {Done and timber ofamans houfe, a fnareuponhis table, a poifon and bit- terneffe upon his meat,difiraaions and terrors upon his bed, emptineffe and vexationupon all his elate ; which cleaves as raft therunto as blackneffe to theskinneofan Ethiopian,or finne to the foule ofman. Forall the crea- turesofGod are by finne mifchievoufly converted into the infiruments and provifions oflull. TheSunne and all Iii