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TheParerofthe alammemoraw*OMMYast MIanniarname.gmoseelesast fse...war in able to flop the mouths,and to answer the obje&ions of gain layers ? Of this point,' havespokenmore co- pioufly upon another Scripture. Secondly, there is a Conviaion untocondemnation of thole who (landout a- gain(} this faving power of the Golpell and Spirit of grace, driving them from all their flrong holds, and conitraining them perforce to acknowledge the truth which they doe notlove. Thus wee finde our Saviour matth.z2;46. dilputing with the Jewes, till no man was able to an- fvver him aword; and as he did fo himfelfe, fo heepro- mifed that his =flingers should doe fo too, bvillgive youamouth andwifdeme, which all your adverfariesfball Luke zr.15. not be able togain-ray, nor refifl : And this promife wee finde made good; the enemies ofSteven were not able Ado5.10. to refill the Spirit by which hee fpake : And Apollos Aet.18.28. mightily convinced the Jews,(hewing by the Scriptures that jefuswas Chrifl : And this the Apofile numbrech amongfl thequalifications of a Bifhop, that he should be able by found doolrine to convince thegain. layers, Tit. t . y, I 1. and to flop themouthes of thole unruly deceivers, whole bufinefle it is to fubvert men, for this is theexcellent ver- tueof Gods Word, that it concludethor(buttethmen in, and leaveth not any gap or evafionof corrupted reafon Gal.: unanfvvered, or unprevented. Thus wee findehow the Prophets in their min i fiery didBill drive the 'ewes from their fhifts,and preffe them withDi/ernnta's,the incon- veniences whereof they could on no fide efcape : either there mull be a fault inyou, or elle inGodwho rebu- keth you; but nowwhat iniquity, faith the Lord, have ier.2.c.31. yourfathersfoundinme, that theyaregone farfromme ? Have Ibeenawildernefe unto Irrael, or a land of dark- nefe,whereforelaymyp, oglewe are lords, wewill comeno more unto thee ? 0 my people, what hiveIdone unto thee, Mie.6.3,4, andwhereinhave I weariedthee? tellifleaping mee. I railedup ofyour foxesfor Prophets, and ofyour young men (or Nemarites : Is it not eventhm, 0yee childrenof Amos 2.17. L 2 Israel? 147 Vag S E2.