Reynolds - HP BS1450 110th R38 1632

146 The `Toilerofthe goffiell. ewe agewwvamros VERSE 2 ruled by that invincible evidence ofthe Spirit of truth, toPeek & acknowledge their wofull condition by reafon offinne, fo long as they continue in unbeleefe, to take unto themfelves the jut fhame and confution of face which belongs unto them, togive unto God the glory of his righteous and jut feverity if hee fbould defiroy them, and hereupon to be fecondly by the terror of the Lord perfwaded to count worthyofall acceptation any deliveranceout of that eflate which fhall be tendred un- to them : To admire, adore and greedily embrace any termes of peace and reconciliation which (hall be offe- red them. To fubmit unto the righteoufneffe, and with all willing and meeke affection to bend the heart to the Scepter of Chrift, and to whatfoever formeofjudica- ture and Cpirituall government he (hall pleafe to ere& therein. And this magnifies the firength of this Rod of Chrifls Kingdome, that it makethmen yeeld upon any termes : when we fee the little tone grow into a !nigh- tie mountaine, and eat into all the Kingdomes of the world ; when wee fee Ernperours and Princes fubmit theirnecks and fcepters toa doolrineat firft every where fpoken againft, and that upon the words ofa few defpi- cable petions, and that fuch a do&rine too, as is diame- trally contrary to the naturall conflitutionof the hearts of men, and teacheth nothing but felfe-deniall, and this for hopeofreward from one whom theynever faw,and whom if they, had feene, they fhould have found by a naturall eye no beauty in himfor which hee fhould bee defied; and this reward too, what-ever it be, deferred for a long time, and in the interimno ground ofaffu- ranee to expeet it, but onely faith in himfelfe that pro- mifeth it,and in the meane time aworldofaffliaions for his names fake; How can we think that a world ofwife andofgreat men, fhould give care moll willingly unto fuch tames as thefe, if there were not ademonfirative andconfirainingevidence of truth and goodneffe there- . in