Reynolds - HP BS1450 110th R38 1632

ThePoverofthe goffiell. 151 4..q. want of ftrength in the Word, or becaufe there is flout- VEx S E 2. neffe inthe hearts of men to (land out againft it, that all the wicked ofthe world do not tremble at it,but rneer- ly their ignoranceofthe power & evidence thereof.The Devilsare fironger and more ilubborne creatures than any mancan be,.yet becaufe oftheir full illumination, and that invincibleconviation of their confcienccs from the power of the Word, they beleeveand trembleat it. Though men were as hard as rocks, the Word is aham- lames 2..19. riser which can breake them; though as (harpasthornes andbriars, the Word is a firewhich candevour and tor- Ter.5.14, ment them,though as (trona as kin does and nations, the Word is able to rootbthem up, and to pull them (erat.: 033. L.Jeu..a. downe,thoughasfierce as Dragons and Lions,the Word PraLyt.13, is ableto trample upon them, and to chaine them up. Thirdly, the power of the Word is feene towards wickedmen , in that it cloth judge them. Some ofman, Ezekaz.z. wilt thou judge, thou judge the blottely Citie,faith the Lord .? yea, thou (altfhewthem their dominations. To note that whenwickedmen are made to fee their @thi- ne& in the Word,they have therby the wrath ofGod, as it were feal'dupon them. He that rejeaeth- wee, the T 11 .0..a 12448. Word which Ihav4ok,enthefame /ball judge him at the laff day,faithour Saviour : And ifall prophecie, faith the Apofile, and there come in one that beleevcthnot, or one unlearned, be is convixtedof all, beeis judgedof all, r -01..14.24. and the fecrets of his heart are made manila+. Nay, the Word cloth in fotne fort executedeath and judge- meat upon wicked men. Therefore it is Paid that the Lord wouldfmitetheearthwith therod*this mouth,and Efay lx.8. with thebreath of his lips wouldflay thewicked .7'And a- - gaine, I have bowed them by the Prophets, I haveElaine Hoca, 5. themby thewordsofmymouth. And therefore the Word of the Lord is called fury by the Prophet, to note that ler.6.1r. whenwrath & fury is powredout upon a land,they are theeffeasofGodsWordafa peitilence devoure a city, L 4 and