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152, heTovero f the Well. Svemomsalo VE R S E 2. and a fword come and gleane after it,it is theWord on- lywhich Hayes, they arebut the inflruments, which are as it were a&uated and appliedby the Word ofGod to ' their (emailCervices. Therefore it is that the Prophet faith, that wife men fee the voiceof God, and hears his rod. A rod is properly to be feene, and a voice to bee heard, but here is a tranfpofition, and asit were, a corn- municationofproperties betweene the Word of God, andhis punifbments, to note that towards wicked men there is a judging, and tormenting vertue in the Word ; Iohn 9.3p. For judgement, faith our Saviour, am I come into this world, that they which fee not might fee, and that they whichfeemight be made blinde. If it be here obje&ed Luke 946. that Chrifi faith ofhimfelfe, The Sonof man is notcome todefiroymeat lives, kit tolave them, and that he came not tocendemnethe world, but that theworldthrough him might bee_laved; Ianfwer, that there are two events of Chrias comming, and by confequenceof his Gofpell. The oneprincip0, and by him intended, theother acci- dentall andoccafionall, growing out of the ill difpofition ofthe fubjeaunto whom he was fent. The maine and efl'entiall bufineffe ofthe Gofpell is to declare falvation, and to let open unto men a doore ofefcape from the wrath to come; but when men wilfully Randout, and neglea fo great falvation, then fecondarilydoth ChriR prove unto thole men a loneofoffence,and the Gofpell a favour ofdeath untodeath, as that potion whichwas intendedfor a cure by the Phyfitian,may uponoccafion of the indifpofedneffe of the body, and Rubborne radi- cationofthedifeafe, 'Wien a mans end loaner than the difeafe it felfe would have done : So that to the wicked the Word of God is a two-edged fword indeed, an edge in the Law, and anedge in the Gofpell, they are on every fide befet with condemnation, ifthey goe to theLaw, that cannot favethem, becaufe they have bro- ken it., if they goe to the Gofpell, that will not five them;