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58 'VERSE 2. Pfal.x 2, Pet.i.x9 Att.13.34. rr x Chro.x 6.8,9. z Chr. 27.9)10. The over ofthe 11.=f come along with it, and receive it as toflab did with hu- mility and trembling. Wee fhould learne to feare the Lord in his word,and whenhis voycecryeth in thecity, to fee his name and his power therein. Will ye not feare me,faith theLord, willye not trembleat mypelmet., who make, thefondabosand to theTea. No Creature fo (wel- lingand of it Idle fo firong and incroaching as the fea, nothing fo lmall, weake, fmoothe, and paffabk as the land, and yet the land (a creature fo ea fily removed, and (wept away) decreed to hold in fo raging an Element. What in appearance weaker than wordsfpoken by ade- fpifed man ? and what in the experienceofall the world fironger than the ragingof an army of lulls ? and yet that bath theLord appointed to tame and fubdue thefe, that men mightlearne tofeare his power. Againe, it fhould teach us to Ref? upon God in All things, as being unto us all-fufficient,a funne,a fhield,an exceeding great reward in the truth and promifes ofhis Gofpell. The wordofGod is afare thing, that which a man may call his whole weight upon, and leane confi- dently on in any extremity. All the Creatures in the worldare full of vanity, uncertaineties and difappoint- ments,and thendually doe deceive a manmoll whenhe mofi of relies upon them; and therefore the Apoffle chargeth us not to041 in them. But the word of the Lord is an abiding word, as being founded upon the Im- mutability ofGodsowne truth,he that maketh it his re- fuge, relieth on Gods omnipotency, and bath all the flrengthofthe Almighty engaged tohelpe him. Afa was fafe while bee depended on the Lord in his promifes aaainfl the hugefl hofi oftnen that wasever readof, but whenhe turned afide to collaterall aides bee purchafed to himfelfe nothing but perpetuall warres. And this was that which eflablifhed the throne of leholhaphat, and caufed the feareof the Lord to fall upon the king- domes ofthe lands which were round about him, be- caufe