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The `Power oftheg4e11. VolaellI,"0/0011 Warm, mow esolowo.............80.111l caufehe honoured theWord ofGod, and cau fed it to be taught unto his people. Whenfoever Ifrael and Judah did forget to leane uponGods worcharni betooke them_ felves to humane confederacies, to correfpondence with Idolatrous people, to facility in fuperflitious complian- ces,and the like flzfhly counfels,they found themalwaies to be but very lies, like waxen and wooden featis, m'ade fpeciousof purpofe to delude ignorant commers; things of fo thinne and unfolid aconfittence as were ever bro- kenwith the weight of thofewhodid leaneupon them. Let us not therefore refl upon our owne wifedome, nor build our hopes or fecurities upon humane foundations, but let us in all conditions take holdofGods Covenant, of this Rageofhis flrength, which is able to flay us up in any extremities. Againe,fince the Gofpell isa wordoffuch foveraigne power,as to flrengthen us againfl all enemies and temp- tations, to uphold us in all our wayes and callings, to make us firong in the Grace of Chrifl, ( for ever a Cbrillian mans knowledge ofthe Wordu the meafisre of hufirength andcomfort) wee should thereforeWour to acquit ourfdveswith God inhuWord, to hide it in our hearts, and grow rich in the knowledge of it. In hea- venour bleffedneffe (hall confifl in the knowledge and communionwith the Father and with his Sonne Iefus Chrifl. So that theGofpell and the Spirit,are to us up- on earth, the preludes and fupplies of heaven, for by them onely is this knowledge and communion begun. And that man doth but deludehimfelfe and lye to the world whoprofeffeth his defire to goe to heaven, and Both not heredefire to know fo much of God as he is pleafed to afford to men on the earth. The Gofpell is the 'Patent andCharter ofa Chriffian, all that bee hath to thew for hisSalvation; the treaftpeofhis wealth and priviledges,all that he hath to boaft in either for this life oranother; the armoryof a Chriflian, all that hehath to 159 VERSE 2. Efai 5'64,4,6