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ThePoverofthe Well. (61 thereof. But thefe men mull know that the word retur- VE K S E neth not empty unto God, but accompliffieth forne worke or other,either it ripeneth weeds or come. There is thunder and lightning both in the word, if the one breake not a heart , the other will blati it, Wit bee not humbled by the word,it will certainly bee vvitherecl,and made fruithife. Shall the clay boaft it felfe againil the fire, becaufe, though it have power tomelt wax, yet it bathnot power tomelt clay ? Is it not one and the fame power which hardneth the one and which foftneth the other? Is not the word a fweete favor unto God as well in thole that perifbas in thole that are laved ? Certainly there is as wonderfull a power in adding another death to him who was dead before (which upon the matter is tokill adead man) as inmultiplying and enlarging life. And the Golpell is to thole that perifb a Savor ofdeath unto death, fhch a word as doth cumulate the damnation ofwicked men, and treafure upwrath upon wrath. Ilk doe not convert it will certainly harden , ifit doe not lave, it will undoubtedly judge and condemne. The Lord doth never call away his Golpell , bee thatgave charge to gather up the broken meate of loaves and flaws that nothing might bee loll , will not fuller any crummeofhis fpirituall Manna to come to nothing. Yet ti wee finde the Lord giveth a charge to his Prophets to preach even there where bee foretold them that their words would not bee heard. Thou AshMeake all tbefe T .Ct.7427. words unto them , but they will not hearken to thee; thou (bait 4-ocall unto them but they will not anfzrere thee. Sonne ofMan I fend thee to the Childrenof Ifrael, toa rebellious nation, they are smpudent Children andflifice acka.3,4.7. hearted, Tet thoufhalt Ipetske my words unto them, whe- ther they will heare, or whether theywill forbear; for they are rebellion it relfe.They millnot hearkenunto thee, Ezek-3.7. for they not hearken unto mee For all the houfeof Iliad are impudent and hard hearted. Certainly when M the