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62 7. he Powerofthe qoffiell. VERSE 2. if Ezek 3.3 z.lo ter. 17.6,28.6. Ier.15.16. .^ fo the Lord taketh painsbyhisProphets to call thole who will not heare, bee doth it not in vaine,they null know at length that a Prophet hath been amongtl them. Therefore as the Apoale faith that the Gofpell is afweet Savour even in thofe that petifh. So wee finde thofe meffages which have contained nothing but curfes a- gaina an obainate people have yet been as honk for fweetneffe in the mouth ofthofe that preached them. I didcare the mule, faith the Prophet, and it mar in my mouth ae honie for Tweetnere, and yet there was nothing in it written but lamentations,andmourning, and woe. Ieremiedid not defire the woefull day, but did heartily fay Amen to the falfc Prophets in their predi&ions of fafety;yet in regardofhisready ferviceuntoGod,andof that glory whichGod would worke out unto hinfelfe in the puniamient ofthat &full people,the word ofPro- phefie which was committed unto him was the joy and rejoicingofhisheart;fo that in all refpc6s the Gofpell of Chria is a wordofpower,and therein wee doe andmua rejoice. Wee obierved before that this Rod of arength is both SceptrumMajeflatis , and Pedmm Paflorale. Both the Scepter ofChria ashee is a King , and his Paaorail flaffe as hee is a Bifhop.It denoteth the Adminifiration ofChrilis Kingdome, which confilteth in the difpenfing ofhis Gorpell , as it isa wordofMajeay , and ofcare. So thenhere are (as I before obferved) two obferva- dons yet remainingtobee noted out ofthefe words,rir- sa Yirtmtis, the Rod ofthy flrength. The lira , that the goffiellofChrifi accompanied with his Spirit is aword ofgreat glory and Majefiy. For wee mua ever make thefe concomitants, wee preach the golpeillaithS. Peter,with thi Holy Gholl fent downe from heaven Pet.1.12. And indeed the Spirit is pe- culiar to the6ofpell , and not belonging to the Law at all, ifwee confider it alone by it felfe, under the relation of