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The giorieof the Wei ofadiainek covenant. For though as it roceedethout ofSion, that is, as it is an appendix and additament unto the Gofpell,it tend unto liberty,and focOmeth not with- out the Spirit ; yet by it felfe alone it gendreth nothing but bondage. And therefore when the Apofile Iheweth theexcellency ofthe Gofpell above theLaw,hee calIcth one a minifirationofdeath and ofthe letter, the other a miniarationofthe Spirit and life. To thew that properly the Spirit belongeth unto the Gofpell ofgrace. Now then this Spiritual' Gofpell ofChriti is the Scepter ofhis Kingdome , and therefore as it is infigne reginm, an en- figne of roialty,it importeth Glory andMajetlie. It is a Golpellfull ofglory. Wee may obferve that the very Typscall prefiguration: ofthat mercy, which is the foie bufineffe of the Gofpell of Chria are in the Scriptures honored with thename ofGlory. The garments ofthe Priells, being types ofthe Evangelical' a Righteoufneffe of the Saints,were b made forgloryandbeast,. The Ta- bernade,which wasordaind for an evidence andPeale of Gods Evangelical' pretence with that people, is called by the Prophet Davida C Tabernacle ofhonor, the place which God didufe to fill with hkowne glory. The Ark, of God, which was nothing elfe but Evaosgeliumfob vele, the Gofpell under veiles and fhaddowes, is called by an excellency TheGlory ofIfrael, which is the attri- buteofChria, C AllKingsfhallfee thyglory. TheTem- pleat Iernfalern was theplace ofGods Reft, fThis is my Reit for ever, here will Idwell. Arife 0Lord God into thyReflingplace , thou and the Arke ofthyfirength. It was fo called to note, fira the g fta6ility ofGods Evan-. gelicall covenant in Chria,it was not tobee changed,nor to beerepentedof; but to bee floeand fixed in Chrifi for ever. His Kingdome , h a Kingdome whichwas not to bee lbakers, hisPrieahood a i Priefthood whichwas not topageaway, his teaching k a teaching which was to continue:0 ibeworlds end.And fecondly,to note the I de- M 2 fight 163 ITER SE 2. Mic.4.a. Rom.S 3. Iarn. s Ga1.4.2.4. cot.3 .6 7. a Rcycl.641. 7.14 19.8. b Exod.a8.a. 40. c Pfal.z6.8. Exod. 40.3 4. d a Sam.4.aa. e Efai 62.z. f 132.3.14. 2, Chro,6.4s. gEfai. T5'.344. 9.10. Heb. 8.6.13. h Helm3.z8. i 1-16.7.24. k Match. 2,8.1.0. 1 Matth.3. 47.