Reynolds - HP BS1450 110th R38 1632

Theglorie ofthe Well. Toconfider this point more particularly: The glory and maielly ofthe Gofpell of Chrifi appeareth princi- pally in foute things : in the Author of it: in the Pro- nmigation and publifhing ofit : in the Matter which it containes : and in thebodi, purpofes, or ufes for which it ferves. Firfi,in the Anther oft : Many things of(mall worth have yet grown famous by the authours ofthem, and like the unprofitable children of renowned progenitors, hold their efiimation and nobility from the parents which begate them. And yet frommen who are un - cleane, there will ever defcend Come uncleanneffe upon the workes whichthey doc.But the Gofpell is therefore indeeda glorious Gofpell, becaute it is the Goifiell of the 61effed God. There is glory in all the workes of God,be- caufe they are his, for it is impoflible that fo great a workeman fhouldever put hishand to an ignoble work: And therefore the Prophet Davidufeth his gloryand his harta'yworke promikuoufly for the fame thing; Thekm- -vent declare theglory of god, and the firmament lbeweth his handywork!: to note that there is anevidence ofglo- ry in any thing which bee puts his hand unto : And yet the Prophet there (heweth that there ismore glory in the law °Ibis mouth, than in the workes of his hands. The Lord is better known bySion,andhis namegreater in Ifrael,than1:131 the world betides:themore Goddoth communicatehimfelfeunto anyofhis works, the more glorious it is. Now there is nothing whereinGod bath fo much put himfelfe,wherinhe may be fo fully knowne, communicated with, depended upon, and praifed,as in his Gofpell. This is a glaffe in which ;he bleffed Angels doe fee and admire that unfearchable richesof his mercy to the Church, which they had not by their owne ob- fervation foundout from the immediateviewofh isglo- rious pretence. In the Creatures we have him a God of power andwifedome, working all things in number, M 3 weight, 165 VERSE 2.