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166 VERSE . Exod.33.18pt 9: EX0134.6,7 M he9lorieofthe goffiell, weight, and meafure, by the fecret vigour of his provi- dence upholding that beingwhich hegave them,andor- dering them to thole glorious ends for which he gave it. In the law we have him a God ofvengeance and of re- compence, in the publication thereofthreatning,and in the execution thereof inflaing wrath upon thole that tranfgreffe it. But in the Gofpellwehave him a God of bounty andenclleffe compaffion,humbling himfelfe that he mightbemercifull to his enemies,that hemight him- felfe Beare thepunifhments of thole injuries which had beene done unto himfelfe, that he might not offer onely but befeech his owneprifoners to bee pardoned and re- conciled againe. In the Creaturehe is a God above us, in the Lawhe is a God againfi us; only in the Gofpel hee is Immanuel, a Godwithus, a God like us, aCod for us. There is nothing doth declare God fo much to bet Godas his mercy in the Gofpell. Hee is invifible in him- felfe, we cannot fee him but in hisSonne. Hee is unap- proachable in himfelfe, wee cannot come untohimbut by the Sonne. Therefore, when hee maketh himfelfe knowne in his glory to Lilioj'es hee fended] him not to theCreation,nor to mount Sinai, but putteth himhoe a rocke(being a refemblanceof Chrifi) and then maketh a proclamation of the Gofpell untohim. Moleshis pray- er was, Ibefeechthedhewme thy glory. How doth the Lord grant this Prayer ? Iwigmak, allmy goodneffe to pare before thee, and then revealeth himfelfe untohim almofi all bymercy. The Lord, the LordGod,mercifull andgratiosu ,Iong-liffering,andabundant ingoodnefeand truth, keeping merryfor thoulands, forgiving iniquity, tranfgrefflonandfinne, to noteunto us that the glory of God is in nothing fomuch revealed as in his goodneffe. Wbo is a god like unto thee, thatpardoneth iniquity, and posieth by the tranrcreffionoftheremnant ofhispeople ? Befides,thoughthe Lawbe indeed floraGod,asfrom the