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176 Theglorie of thegoll,ell. VERSE 2. the land, was not enough to make 'Pharaoh let goe his semomermwer finne, bee will oncemore rufh into the midaof a won- ! derfull deliverance of Ifrael, and venture his owne and his peoples lives, for but the bondage ofhis enemies,and the fatisfaatonofhis lat.) To doe juftly then, to love mercy, and to walke humbly before God, to acknow- ledge his name in the voyce ofthe minitler, and to put away the creatures ofwickedneffe out ofour hands, this onely is to give God the glory which is due unto his VVord,Mir.6.6, zo. Secondly,theGofpell isglorious in the promulgation.8z publifhing ofit unto the world. And this may appeare whether weconfider the initial! Promulgation in Chrifis owne perfonall preaching. Or the plenary Revelation thereof in the fendingof the holyGhott to thole fele- eted veffels who were to carry abroad this creature unto all the world. For the former wee may notelhat there was a refetnblance of flare and glory obtervid in the Efai. 4o. 3,4,5. preaching of Chrill. e...4 Forerunner lent to prepare his way, and tobeare his iword before him, as a Herald to Ma1.3.1,4,5. proclaime his approach, and then at is revealed the Glory ofthe Lord. And thus we may obtervehow he Luke le.r. fent his Harbingers before hisface intoevery Citie and placewhither he himfelfe wouldcome: that fo men might prepare themfelves and lift up their everlafling gates aoaina this Prince Of Glory fhouldenter in. Whenone poore ordinaryman intendeth tovifit another,there is no flare nor diflance, no ceremonies nor folemnities obfer- ved ; but when a prince will communicate himfelfe unto any place, there is a publication, and officers fent abroad togive notice thereof, that meete entertainements may be provided. So doth Chrift dealewith men,he know- eth how unprepared wee are togive him a welcome, how foule our hearts, howbarren our confciences, and therefore he fendeth his Officersbefore his face with his owne Provifion, his Gracesof Humiliation,Repentance, Defire,