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Theclorie of thegcylell. Wire, Love, Hope, joy, hnisgring and thirfling after his appearance; andthewhenhee is dimmed worthy ofall acceptation, he commethhirnfelfe. Looke upon the more confummate publicationofthe Gofpell (for Chrift in his ovine perfonall preaching is 'Laid but tohavebegun to teach,) and we fhall fee that as Princes in the time of their folemne Inauguration doe force fpeciall aob ofmagnificence andhonour, open pri- Ions,proclaime pardons,createnobles,fiampe coyne, fill conduits with' wine, difiribute donativesand congiaries to the people : So Chrifi to teilifie the glory ofhis Go'- fpeli,did referve the full publication thereofunto the day ofhis iniialinent and foknine teacimiffion into hisFathers glory againe.Whenheafcended tip onhigh he then ledcap- tivity captive,andiavegifts unto men, namely,the Holy Ghoft,who iscalled the Gift ofGod, 41.2.38. ila.8. 20 kb.4.1o. and in the plural!number Gifts, as elfeWhere he is called levenlpirits, Revel.1.4. to note the plenty and variety of graces which are by him filed abroad upon the Church. Wifedome,and faith,and knowledge, and healings,and prophefie,and difcerning,and miracles, and tongues,All thefeworke one andthefelfe-famefpirit, dividing to everyman feverallyas hewill. And thefe gifts were all filed abroad for Evangelical! purples, for the perfe6iingofthe Saintsfor the worke ofthe minifterie, and for theedifyingof the bodyofChrifl. And this fpi- rkSaint Peter telleth us is a jpirit ofGlory, and therefore that Golpell,for the moreplentiful! promulgationwhet- ofhe was fhed abroad, mufl needs bea Gofpell ofGlo- rie too. ' And this further appeares,becaufe in this more foiemile publicationofthe Gofpcll there wasmuch more Abt dance ofglorious light andgrace, fhed abroad into the world. The "Sur ne of Righteoufneffe in his efiate of "humiliationwas much ecclipfed, with the fimilitude of: finfullflefh the Communionofour common infirmities N the '77 VERSE20 Aet. lir. Hebr. 2.3. Cor.t Ephr.r4. I 2,13. I Pet.4.4