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TbeglorieoftheWell. flupidity taken away by the Spirit) Theglory of the Lord. Whatglory doe we here behold,but that which a glalic isable to reprefent ? Now in#ecolo nil; imago non cerium, nothing canbe fcene in a glafl'e but the image of thatching which fheddeth forth its fpecies thereup- on ; and thereforehe immediately addeth, we are chan- ged into the fame imagefroniglory tOglory ; and he elf. where putteth thefe two together,Man tithe image and thegloryofGodfor nothingcanhave any thing ofGod in it,any reiemblanceor forme of him, but fo farre it mush needs be glorious.But how doe we in the Gofpell fee the Imageof Godwho is iuviible ? The Apofile expreffeth that elfe- where, god whocemmanded the light to ihme out of darkueffe, bath fined in our hearts, to give the lightof theknowledge of thegloryofGod in thefaceof le- Chrifl. Chrifi is the Image and expreffe Charaaer ofhis Fathers glory,as the impre Ilion in the wax isofthe forme and fan-non of the feale, there is no cxcellencie in Godwhich is not compleatly, adequately, and ditlina- ly in Chrifillo that in that gladewherin we may fee him, we may likewife ice the gloryofthe Father. Now the Goldü theface of Iefue Cbrift,that whichas lively fet- teth forth his grace and Spirit to the foule, as if he were prefent in the ilefh amongffus.Suppole we that aglaffe could retaine a permanent and unvanifbing fpecieiof a mans face within it, though hee hinifelfe were abfent, might we not truly fay this glaffe is the faceof that man, whole image it fo contlantly reraineth ? So, in afinuchas Chrifl is moll exa&ly reprefented in his Gofpell (fo that when we come into his perfonall and reall prefence, to know even as we areknowne, we fhall be able truely to fay,this is indeed the very perfon who was fo long fince inhis Gofpell exhibited to my faith,fic ille manitc,licores gerebat) it is therefore jufily by the Apofile called the face of Iefu chrifi ; and therefore the Glaffewhereinwe fee the Image and glory of God ; as it is the fame light N3 which VERSE 2. I COr.11.7. 2 Cor.4.4,1,67