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180 VERSE2. Cal .9)10. Phil.3.8) 14. 2 Cor.3.18, Theglorie ofthe Cjafielt. the knowledgeofthe willofGod in wifdome' and after a fpirituallmaser tobe the ground offtuitfulta;ffe ineve- rygood worke,and that againan inducement to increafe iii knowledge,as inthe twitting together oftwocords in- toone rope, they arebyart fo ordered that either than bind and hold in theother. As in the heavensthe inferior orbeshave themeafureand proportion of their-general' motion from the fupreme:fo inthe tpptions ofgrace in the: `fonle,theproportionofall the reft arifeth fro the meafure' ofour fpirituall and laving light.The morediftinEtly and throughly the fpirit ofamans mind is convinc'dofthene- ceflity,beauty,and glorioufneffeofheavenly things, the " more ftrong impreflions therofwilbe mane upon all firb, ordinate faculties;for we move towards nothingwithout preceding apprehenfions ofitsgoodnes,which appre hen- flini5astheymore feriouflypenetrate into the true and intimateworth of that thing, fo are the motions ofthe foule thereunto propOrtiOnably firengthered. As the hinder vvheeles in a Coach ever move as faftas the for- mer w hich leade them; fo the fubordinate powers of the foule are overrul'd in their inner & meafureofwor king towards grace, by thofe fpirituall reprefentationsof the truth and excellency thereof, which aremade inihe underflandingby the light ofthe Gofpel.Thus the Apo- file tellethus thatthe excellencyofthekriewledge ofChriff was that which madehim fo carnet towinne him; th6 knowledge ofthe powerofhis refurre6lion,and fellow.: Chip of his fufferings was'that which made him reach forth and preffc forward unto the markeand price of that high calling which was beforehim. Thirdly, the Gloryofthe Golpell ofairift with his Spirit maybe confidered inregard' ofthe matters which are therin contain'd,narnely the Glory, chelcKeriels; the Treafures ofGodhinifelfe:,We4/4faithlhe ApOille; with open face beholdai Ma Glafe (that is,in the fpiritu- all miniftration Of the Gorpell,having,thewile ofcarnall flupidiry