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WOOMMOI01111.101.1......, AN EXPOSITION OF THE HVI\T- DRETH AND TENTH PSALMS: PSALME izo. verf: z. The Lord laiduntomyLord, Sit thou st my right hand s untill 1 make thine enemies thy foot- HRIST IESVS the Lord is the Summe and Center of all divine revealed truth, nei- ther is any thing to be prea- ched unto men, as:an object of their faith, or neceffary element of their falvation, which loth not, Comeway or other, either meete in him,or refer unto him. All Truths, efpecially divine, are ofa noble and pretious nature ; and therefore, vvhatfoe- ver mytteries of his Counfell God hath been pleated in his Word toreveale, the Church is bound in her mini- (laic to declare unto men. And Saint Paul profeffeth his I VERSE I.