Reynolds - HP BS1450 110th R38 1632,z. 2 COr.4.5. I COr.4.r,z. Eph.4.2.o. returnChrifliani norninis pondw. &ImamMors Chrifii.Tertia 1.Cor.3,6,14. a Zuideft quad dieitur Teita. inentumvetus, nisi occultatio novi?& quid aliudquaddi- citur novurnnifi v.eterisRevela- tio.Aug.DeCiv. hoc occultabatur in vetert Teaa- mento pro tem- porum dienra- tione juftallima, quoa revelatur in novo. id. De pec,rnerit.d. re- c.n. Et tom.4.De Cateth rud,eam. zia;jihi ci oyepAiliApitnr. antynXtov TO psfir, 77-0-7,4pay.etvar,. pain. Ma tyr, Mat.5' Mat.7.12. Luk 16.i 6,31. Luk 9. 2.8. Hilar.can.1.7. in Math.S.,Arnbr. 1i.7. in Luc. Loh.' .17. Chrifi the Surnme oftheScriptures. his faithfulnea therein, 1 havenot*Joined to declareun- to you all the Counfell of God. But yet all this Court - fell (which elfevvhere he tale 1-0,P6e.ovrAti-, the tellimonie of God) he gathers together into this one conclufion, I determined not to know any thing amongfl you,that is, in my preaching unto you to make difcovery of any other know ledge, as matter ofconfequence or faith, but only cflefut Chrifi, andhim crucified. And therefore Prea- chingof the Word is called preaching of Chrig, and Mi- nifierrof the Word, Minifiers ofChris. and learning of the Word, Learning of Chrift, becaufe our Faith, our Workes, and our Worfhip (vs, hich are the three eWcntiall elements of aChriflian,the whole dutieof man,and the whole will ofGod) have all their foundation, growth, end, and vertue only in and fromChriff crucified. There is no fruit, weight, nor value in a Chriflian title, but on- ly in and from the death ofChrifl. The Word in general' is divided into the Oldand-New Tefiament , both which are the a fame in fubflance, though different in the manner of their difpenfations, as Mofes veild differ'd from himfelfe unveild. Now that Chriff is the fubflance of the whole New refiament, containing theHifforie,Doeirine,and Prophesiesofhim in the adminiffration of the latter ages of the Church, is very manifell to all. The oldScriptures are againe divi- ded into the Law and Prophets (for the hifloricall parts of them doe containe either typical! prefigurations of the Evangelical' Church, or induaions and exemplary demonftrations ofthe general' truth ofGods jutlice and promiies, which are set forth by way of Doarine and Precept in the Law and Prophets.) Now Chril is the finntne ofboth theCe,they waited,upon him in his tranf- figuration ,to note that in him they had their accomplifb- mem. Firff,for the Law, hee is the fubiiance °Fit, hee brought Grace to fulfill the exaaions, and Truth to make good the prefigurationsofthe whole Law. The ceremonial!