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unto his I mgclome. raigne byGods providence, but not al wayes by his ap- probation. 'They havefet up Kingsbut not by mee; they have made Princes, andI knew itnot, Amos 8.4. But Chili is a King both by the providence, and by the Good will and immediate Confecration of his Father. He loveth him bathgiven allthings into his hand, /oh. 3.3 5. He judgeth no man, but bath committed all judg- ment to his ,S'onne,/oh. 5. 22. That is, bath engulfed him with the ceconomie and aduall adminifiration of that power in the Church, which originally belonged unto himfelfe. He bath machine to be Lord andCh.rift, 2.36. Hee bath ordainedhim tobee lodge ofquickeand dead, A&.10.42. Heebath appointed him over his owne boure,1-1-eb.3 .2 .6. He bath crownedhim&put all things in fubjeaton under his feete , Heb. 2.7,8. Hee bath highly exalted him, and given him a name above every name, Piii1.2.9. Therefore bee calleth him AdyKing, fet up by him upon his owne .holy hill, and that in the venue of a folemne decree, Pfal.2.6,7. But wee mull here diflinguifh betweene Regnumna- turale,Chrifisnaturall Kingdom which belongeth unto him as Godcoeffentiall, and coeternall with hisFather : andRepum ceconomicum,his Difpenfatory Kingdom,as he is Chrifi the Mediator,which was his,not by Nature, but by Donation and union from his Father, that hee might be the Head ofhis Church,aPrince ofPeace,& a KingofRighteoufneffe unto his people. In which reipe& he had confcrr'd upon himall fuck meete.qualifications as might fit him for the difpenfation ofthis Kingdome. God prepared him a Bodic,or a Humane nature, Heb. 10.5. and by the grace of perfonall and Hypoflatical union caufed the Godhead to dwell Bodily in him,Col. 2.9. 2 He anointed himwith afulnefeofhis Spirit; not fucha fulnetie as JohnBaptif1 and Stephen had, Luk.r . 15. AaI.7.55. which was fill x.p,r;pilrohthe fulnefie ofa meafureor veffel,a fu fie for themfelves only,Eph.4 .7. B 4 H Cor. 7 VER S E I. Yertull. Apolog. ad Scaptilam,cap.c. Dan.7:14. Matchax.27. loh.17.2.