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Thenece of ` Subjedion. 15 Olaso... hisfervants. The Apoale faith,there is no efcape left for thofe who negle61 fo great falvation, Heb.2.3. And yet this is the conflant follyand ciy ofnaturall men, Wewill not have this min toraigne over us. Let us breake their bandsslander, andcall away their cordsfrom us. But Firft, Every man mull be fubje6I to foamKing, either Chrill or finne (for they two divide the world, and their Kingdomes will not confia.) And the fubje&s dime are all {laves and fervants, no liberty anionga them, Ioh.8.34. Whereas Chrift makes all his fubjeas Kings,like hirnfelfe, Revel..t .6. and his is a Kingdome of Righteoufheffe, peace, and joy,Rom. 4.17.Secondly, Ifmen by being the fubjeals of Lune could keepe quite out from the judgment andScepter ofChria, it were fomething : but all men mutt one way or other be fub- dued unto him, either as fonnes or ascaptives, either under-his grace, or under his wrath. .As Ilivefaith the Lordevery kneeThrall bow tomet, Rom. 4..10,1 t. Hee mull beeeither a favor of life or ofdeath, either for the rifingor the fall ofmany in Iliad, either for afantuary or for a (fumbling block; All mull either bee faved by him, or judged by him. There is no re fuge,nor fhelter of efcape in any Angle of the World, for his Kingdome reacheth to the uttermoft corners ofthe earth, andwill finde out, and fetch in all his enemies. Thirdly, the matter were not great, ifaman could hold out in the op- polition. But can thine heart endure,or thine hands bee arong,faith the Lord ,in the day that I (hall deale with thee? Ezek.2 2 . 14. What will yee doe in the defolacion which (hall come from farre?when you are fpoiledwhat will yee doe ? where will you leave your glory ? what will become of the King, whom you ferved before ? It may bee thy moray is thine idol, acrd thouart held in thraldorne under thine owne polfeilions. But what will remaine ofamans Liver andgold tocarry him through the wrath to come, but onely the ruft thereof to joyne in VERSE I. Eris ftibpedibu6 eta' adopratia ant vsaus; lo- CUM habebis vet gratier yelp e, "lug. EfalT 0 3. Iere.4,30.