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t6 VERSE I. TheOrdinattonofarill in judgment againa him? It may bee thou fay& the times,and fafhions of the world,rejoyceth in thyyouth, in the wayes ofthy heart,and in the flight ofthineeyes: But thou Irma not rife out of thy grave in thy bell cloatbs,nor appearebefore Chrifl like Agag gorgeoufly apparelled. Thou mull not rile to play, but to bejud- ged. It may bee thou ferveft thine owne lull, and ano- thers beautie; but what pleafure wilt therebe in the fire of Ina when it fhall bee turned into the fire ofHell ? or what beautywill thou finde on'the left handofChrifl, where the charaaers of every mans hellifhconkience fhall bee written inhis face? Thou fervefl thine ownc vainglorie and affe&ations;but whatgoodwill it bee to beeadmired by thy fellow prifoners,and condemned by thy /udge? In one word, thou fervell any ofthine owne evill defines; foolifh man, here theycommand thee, and there-they will condemne the, they are here thy Gods, and they will bee there thy divils. The Secondparticular in the defcription of Chrifls Kingdotne is the greatneffe, and neerneffe of his perfon untopavtd. /74y Lord.Davidrallgth himmy Lord upon a double reafon, by a Spirit ofProphrlie,as forefeeinghis incarnation and nativitie out of the tribe of/oda, and flockof/ep and fohee was DavidsSonne : and by a Spirit ofFaitas beleeving him to be his redeemer, and falvation : and fo hee was David( Lord. Avirgin hull conceive and beam a Sonne, there we fee his incarnation and defcent fromDavid; and call his name bloom- noel, God with is, there wee fee his Dominion over David. As man fohe was his Sonne,and as Mediator fo he was his Lord. As Man fo he was fubjeaunto Mary his Mother; and as Mediator fo hee was the Lord and Savior ofhis Mother, Luk.z.p. Luk.i.46,47. As Man bee was made for a little while lower than the Angels, that hee might fuffer death, but asMediator, God and Man in one perfonlo he was made much better than the Angels,