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zo Obedience due untoChr. mOa.a 1M11110.1111.1.M .1.41 VERSE'. other Lords are prefent with us, they doe with their owneye overfce, and by their owne viable power order and dire& us in their fervice. But Chrifi isabfent from . our fenfes ; Though Ihave known Chrifl after the fief& yet henceforth (faith the Apofile) know Ihim no mare. Therefore to feare, and honor,and ferve him with all fi- delity , to yeeld more abfoluteand univerfall obedience tohis commands, though abfent, though tenderdunto us by the Miniflerie ofmeane and defpicable perfons, than to the threates,andScepters ofthegreateil Princes, to labour that not only prefent, but abfent we maybee acceptedofhim, to doe his hardefi workes of felfe-de- niall, of overcomming, and rejeoling theaffaultsofthe World, of[landingout again fi principalities,& powers, and fpirituall wickednes, of fuffering and dying in his fervice, needs milli there bee faith in thehart to fee him prefent by his Spirit, to let toour feale to the truth, au- thoritie, and Majeflyofall his commands, to heare the Lord (peaking from heaven, and to finde by the fecret and powerful' revelations of hisSpirit out ofthe word to the foule, evident and invincibleproofes ofhis living by the power ofGod, and (peaking mightily in the Mi. nifiery ofhis Word to our confciences.Therefore when the ApoIlle had Paid, Wee are abfintfrom the Lord, hee prefently addes, We walk*faith, That is, we labor to yeeld all fervice andobedience to thisour Lord, though abfent:becaufe by faith (whichgiveth prefence to things unfeen, and fulafifience to things thatare yet but hoped) weeknow that bee is , and that bee is a rewarder of thole that diligently feeke him. And indeed though every man call him Lord, yet no man doth in truth and fincerity ofheart fo efieeme him, but thole whodoe in this manner ferve him , and by faith walke after him. If 16e a Mafter,faith the Lord, where it myreftre ? Malach. T. 6. It isnot every one that 1 faith Lord, Lord, but bee that doth my will, that