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andtothePatriarkesi. IraNerawasftewaw. re...* Patriarchs and Princes, thedefire and expeetationofall flefh. The Gofpell to us aHiftory, and narration, and therefore deliveredby the hand ofwitnefles; to them a promife andprediCtion, and therefore delivered by the hand ofProphets. TheApoilles entered into the Pro- phets Labours, and were fervants in the fame common falvation, thefe as lowers, and they as reapers, thefe as preachers of the feed hoped, and they as preachers of the fame feedexhibited. The ancient !ewes then were not laved bybare temporal! proinifes, neither was their faith ultimately fixed upon Ceremonies or earthly things ; but as their preachers had the fame Spirit of Chrift with ours, fo the Doarinewhich they preached, the faith andobedience which they required, the falva- tion which they foretold, was the fame with ours. As the fame Sun illightens the fiarres above, and the earth beneath, fo the fameChrift was the Righteoufnerle and falvation both ofhisfore-fathers, andofhis feed. They without us could not be made perfeet, that is, (as I con- ceive) their faith had nothing aetually extant amongtl themfelves topare& it,but received all its forme and ac-: complifbment from that better thing which was provi- ded for, and exhibited untous. For the Law,that is,the carnal! Commandement , and outward Ceremonies therein prefcribed, made nothing, no grace, no perfon perfe6t ; but the bringing in ofa better hope, that is, of Chrifl, (who as hee is untous the hope of glorylohee was unto them thehope ofdeliverance, for he alone it is bywhom wee draw nigh unto God,)doth perfeCifor ever thole that are fanClified, Ileb.7.19. He6.10. 14. IfChrill thenbe our Lord weemull truft in him, and depend upon him forall our prefent fubfitlence, and our future expectations. Forhe never fa ileth thole that wait upon him. He that beleeveth' in him fhallnot bee afba- med. And indeed faith is neceffary to call Chilli Lord. Noman can call Iefus Lord but by theSpirit. Becaufe C z other 19 VER S B I. Colof.s.1 7. Luke469,7o. AEt.3. & so. 24. 2 John 8.56; Gen.49. 18. San.z3.5. Hag.,..7. Mia6.1 6. z John 1.2.4.,ir, 12. Win4,3L Aug. de siv.Dei, lib.I 0.Cap.2,5. &epia. 157. ad Optat . Et cpi f 49. ad'Veograt. de Catccb. Ri d. cap.3. c.19. depeccat merit, fJ remifjliks. C.29. depeteat. Orig.e.24 et 25. denmpt.&con- eripsflax .1 t.