Reynolds - HP BS1450 110th R38 1632

aagracefiovesfroingool. was in thevertue of that molt intimate affociation of the natures inone perfon, a communicatingofall glory from thedeitie which theother nature was capeableof. For asby the SpiritofHolineffe he was filled with trea- curesofwifdome and knowledge,andgrace,and thereby fitted for the Office of a Mediator, and made the firfl fruits, the firfl borne,the heireofall things,the head,and CaptaineoftheChurch;furnifhed with a refidueand re- dundancie oftheSpirit to fanaifie his brethren, and to make them joynt heirs,andfira borne with himfelfe; fo by theSpirit ofglory is he filled with unmatchable per- fe&ions, beyond theeapacitie or comprehenfion of all theAngelsofHeaven ; being not onely full ofglory, but having in him all the fulneffe ofglory, whicha created nature joyned to an infinitie and bottomleffe fountaine could receive. From hence therefore wee ihould learne to let the fame minde bee in us which was in Christ, to humble our felves fiat that wee may bee exalted in due time, to finish our workesoffelfe-deniall, and fervice which wee owe to God, that fo wee may enter into our Mailers glory.For he himfelfeentred not but by awayofblond. Wee learne likewife to have recourfe and dependance on him for all fupplies of theSpirit , for all arengthof grace, for all influences of life, for the meafureofevery joynt and member, He is our treafure,our fountaine,our head; it is his free grace, his voluntarie influence which habituateth and fittethall our faculties, which anima- tethus unto a heavenly being, which giveth us both the flrengthand firfi aet, wherby we are qualified to worke,andwhich concurreth with us in ailm fecoindo to all thole workes which wee fet our felves about. As an inflrument evenwhen it hath an edge,cutteth nothing, till it be affified andmoved by the hand ofthe artificer; fo aChriflian when heebatha will,and anhabituall fit- mire to worke, yet is able to doenothing without the conflant Z5 VERSE I. AIMME110.1111171111...., Phil.x.r9. Eph,4.16.