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kiminifirationofChrills 4ingalorn. andfufirertdnot death toheld thehead, isable by that po- t wer andfor that rearm, to make :a perfell in everygood worke to dee his will, andnot tofrefer corruptionfor ever to hold themembers. It is the frequent argument ofthe Scripture, Heba 3.20,2I. Cd.2.12. Eph. r .r 9,2o. Rom. 6.5 ,6. Rons.8.i r . Thirdly, againil all thofefiriedarts ofSatan,wherby he tempteth us to defpaire, and to for- fake our mercie. If he could have held Chria under whenhe was in the grave, then indeed ourfaith would have beenvaine, welhouldbe yet inour finnes, r Cora 5. 17. But he who himfelfe fuffered, being tempted, and overcame both the fufferings and the temptation, /sable tofuccor thofe that are tempted, and to 'hew them mercie andgrace to help: in time of need, Heb.2.17,18. Bo+ 15,16. Latily, again'? death it felfe. For the Accorn- plithment of Chrifls Office of redemption in his refur- reetion from thedead, was both the Merit, theSeale, and the firflfruitsofours, I Cor. 15.20,22. Thirdly, ThefittingofChrifi on theright hand of his Father notethunto us the abinall Adminfiration ofhis Kingdome. Therefore that which is here laidfeat my right handuntill Imake thine enemies thyfoothole , the Apofile thus expoundeth, He mull reign tillhe bathput allenemies tinder hisfeet:, 1 Corx 5.25. Andhe there- foredied, and rofe, and revived, that he might be Lord bothofdead and living, namely, by being exalted unto Gods right hand, Rom. 4.9. Now this Adminiaration ofChriasKingdorne implies feverall particulars : Fira, ,Ge.8107'04 The publication of eflablifhed Lawes. For that which is in this Pfaline called the fendingforth ofthe rod ofChrifisfirength out of Sian, is thus by the Prophets expounded, OutofSion 'hall goeforth theLaw, and the WordoftheLordfrom lerarfalem, Efai.2.3. Mich. 4.2. Secondly,The conqueringandfu6dmingoffnhjetis to him- felfe , by converting the hearts ofmen , and bringing their thoughts into the obedience of his Kingdome. D Miniffe- VERSE I.