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3+ VERSE!. --- AdminiiirationofChn s kingdom. 11.ananwell, Minigtrial1, by the word of reconciliation, and eye. Una&7, by the power ofhis Spirit,writinghis Lawes in their hearts,and transforming them into the imageofhis wordfrom glorie toglorie. Thirdly,Ruling,and leading thole whom he bath thus converted in his way , conti- nuing unto their hearts his heavenly voice, never utterly depriving them of the exciting, aflifling, cooperating graceofhis holy Spirit, but by his divine powergiving unto them all things which pertaineunto life and godli- neffe, after he hadonce called them by his glorious po- wer, Et-424. lob. 10.3,4. r Con 30.21. , I Pet.2 9. 2Fer.t.3 . Fourthly, Proteiling,upholding, fuccouring them againfl all temptations and dircourage- ments. By his compaffion pittying them, byhis power andprornifeshelping them, by his care and wifedome proportioning their firength to their trials. By his peace recompencingtheir conflits,bypatience and experience eflablifhing their hearts in the hopeofdeliverance, PM. 2.17. /ob.16.33. I Cor..1 o.r 3. 2 COr.I.5. 19.ReM.15.4. Filthy, Confounding 411his enemies. Full, Their projetis, holding up his Kingdome in the midil of their malice, and making his truth, like a tree, fettle the fafler,and like a torch,fhine thebrighter for the fhaking. Secondly, Their 2'view Whomhe dothhere gall and torment by the Scepter ofhis word, conflraining them by the evidence thereof to fubfcribe to thehilt=ofhis wrath; andwhom he referveth for the dayofhis appea- ring, till they fhall be put all under his feete. In which- refpeel he is laid toflandat the right, handofGod, as a man of warre ready armed for the defence of his Church, .4t7.7.56. Fourthly, thefittingofChrifi on the right bandofGod notech unto ushisgivingegifis,andlendingdowneofthe Holy ghoft bath beenanuniverfall cuflome both inthe Church, and elfewhere in dayes ofgreat joy and folemnitie to give gifts and fend prefents unto men. Thus