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ofulnejjeof theSpirit here. gatheringofhis people, and for the guidance ofthem in the militant Church , is already long fince by the Spirit cliaatecl unto holy and feletSted intiruments, for that purpofeinfpired with more abundance ofgrace,andgui- ded by a full,and infallible Spirit : but yet we mull note, that in thofe holy writings there is fuch a depthofhea_ venly wifedome, fuck a leaofmyfleries,and filch an un- fearchable treafure ofpuritie and grace, chat though a man fhould fpend the longefl life after the fevereft and moll indufitious mannerto acquainthimfelfe with God in the revelations ofhis word, yet hisknowledge would, bebut in part, and his holineffe after all that come fhort ofmaturity; as the enemies arenot all prefently under Chrifis feete,but are by degrees fubclueel: fo the Spirit is not prefently conferred in fulneffe unto the members of Chrifi, but by meafure and degrees according to thevo- luntary influences ofche head, & exigencesofthe mem- bers.Somuch ofthe Spirit ofgrace and truth as we have here is but the earnea and hanfell of a greater fumme, Ephef:i.14. The feed and firil fruits of 4 fuller harveil, /oh.3.9. Rem.8.23. Therefore the Apofile mentions agrowing changefronoglorie toglorie by the Spirit ofGod, 2 COr.3 .18 Wee mull not expea a fulneffe till the time ofthe refiitution ofall things,till that day ofredemption and adoptionwherein the light,which is herebutformer for the Righteous, Aallgrow rap into afmil harvefi ofholi- neffie andofglory. But here arifeth a quenion out of the feeming con- tradiolion ofHoly Scripture. It is manifell that the Spi- rit ofChrifl was in the Church longbeforehis Afcenfion. The Prophets fpake by him, z Pa.'. I t . Theancient Jews vexed-him,Efal.63.10. John I aptift was even filled with the Spirit, to note a plentifull meafure for the clifehargeofhis Office, Luka. r 5. and yet SJohn faith, That the Holy Ghoft vas not yet given,becanfeChrifis wat not yet gloripd, Joh. 7.39. "fo this I anfvvere, that the D 3 Fathers 37 VERSE I.