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36 VERSE I. The Arke a type of Chrill. pfd.I32.89. 2 ChroN.5.I 3.So Chrill while he was here uponearth, beinganointed with tbe Holy Ghoit andwith power, went about doing good, "a lo. 38. and having ceafedfrorn his work:: didat 14? enter into his relit, Help., 5.1o. which is the heavenly Temple,Revel.t1.19. Now this carryingof the /Irk into his retling place denotes two things: Fir%l, a finallconviefl over the ene- mies ofGod. For as the movingofthe Ark fignified the acing and procuring of vialorie, /ofh.6.11,2o. So the Reffing of the Arknoted the Coujumniation ofrittorie. And therefore the Temple was built, and the "irkfet therein in the dayes ofSaionson, when there was not an emendicated or borrowed peace, depending upon the courtefie of the neighbor nations, but a vi&orious and triumphal' peace, after thegreat vi StoriesofDavid,and tributarie fubjeoiionand homage of all the Canaanites which were left in the Land, 2 Chro.8.7,8.9.26. 2 Sam. 7.9.12. P/41.68.29. Secondly, it notes the conferring ofgifes, as we fee in that triumphal' longat the removal' of the Arke, being alto aprediaion both ofthat which literally hapned in the raigne ofSalemon,andwas myfli- cally verified in Chrift, lyal. 68.18. Thus Chria our Prince ofpeace, being now in the Temple ofGod in heaven, hath boundhell, finne and death captive, and hath demolifhed the Ovals oflericho, or theKingdom of Satan, throw=him downe from heaven like lightning, andpaffed a fentence ofjudgment upon him. And hath received oftheFather the promife ofthe Holy Ghoft, and givengifis ontomen, 411.2.32,35.beforehis entring into his ref/ it was but apremifi?, and they were to waite at lerufalem for it, Aa. .4, butafter his departure,and in.. terceffion at his Fathers right hand it was powred forth inabundanceuponthem, Ioh.14,16.16.7. Andwe are tonote that as it began with his fitting there, fo itcontinueth as long as he (hall there fir. It is true all HolyScripture which God ordained for the gathering